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Kindly acquaint yourself with the participation guidelines below.


The attention of the NIPR Council has been drawn to the desire by some NIPR members across state chapters for a special mechanism for membership upgrade to allow deserving members of the Institute to remedy their loss of proper categorisation, arising from any of the following circumstances:

i.    Members who for some peculiar circumstances were constrained from processing their upgrades in due time. This includes those in sensitive international assignments;
ii.   Members who were either misinformed or by persons posing as middlemen pretending to help process their upgrades; and
iii.  Members who for some other reasons were unable to process their membership upgrade as at when due.

Accordingly, Council at its virtual Extraordinary Meeting of Tuesday May 6, 2022, approved the following guidelines for the one-off special NIPR membership upgrade opportunity which will available from Monday 9th May - Friday 19th August 2022.

However, the application portal shall be closed by 12 midnight on Friday 12th August, 2022.


To be eligible for upgrade through this window, an applicant MUST:

i.     Apply for the special window of opportunity using the appropriate prescribed online application packs
ii.    Have been a registered member of the Institute on the GRADUATE, ASSOCIATE or MEMBER category before 2019.
iii.   Be recognized as a member of the Institute by any of the NIPR chapters
iv.   Have spent not less than 70% of the time required to be upgraded to the new grade being sought
v.    Pay all prescribed charges/fees vi. Successfully undergo the special training to be mounted for applicants by the NIPR Education Advisory Board


Applicants can apply for upgrade to either ASSOCIATE, MEMBER or FELLOW from any level, so long as they meet the requirements.


1GraduateAssociate370% = 2 years
2AssociateMember570% = 3 years
3AssociateMember1070% = 7 years

UPGRADE TO FELLOW (from Graduate, Associate or Member)

i.     Fellowship Application Pack 70,000
ii.    5 years compensation for unpaid membership dues75,000
iii.   2-day Online Special Membership Upgrade Training350,000
Total 495,000

Upon Successful Completion:

i.    Induction fee 105,000
ii.   3 years flat rate compensation for unpaid Chapter dues 30,000
iii.  2022 NIPR Fellows Conclave (Orientation)   50,000
Total 185,000

UPGRADE TO MEMBER (from Graduate or Associate)

i.    Special Upgrade Application Pack        50,000
ii.   5 years Compensation for unpaid membership dues 50,000
iii.  Online Special Membership Upgrade Training  200,000
Total 300,000

Upon Successful Completion:

i.     Induction fee      95,000
ii.    3 years flat rate compensation for unpaid Chapter dues 30,000


i.     Members who are up-to-date in the payment of dues will not pay the compensation fee
ii.    Successful applicants who wish to own their gowns shall pay the full cost of the gown separately to the Bursary a week before the AGM/Induction.
iii.   Applicants who wish to be assessed for higher grade other than their next membership grade (e.g., from GRADUATE straight to MEMBER or ASSOCIATE straight to FELLOW) shall pay a bridge fee of 100,000. Only
iv.   Applicants who do not have NIPR membership numbers shall be required to pay a flat recertification fee of N10,000 at the point of application to be assigned membership numbers.
v.    In view of current economic realities, installment payment may be considered under the following terms and conditions:

a)    However, when applicable, the payment shall not be more than two instalments within a cumulative period of 60 days, in the ratio of at least 70:30. That is, first payment of at least 70% of the total fee and second/final payment of at most N30%.
b)    Only fully paid members shall be inducted into their new grades after training.
c)    If payment is not completed by any applicant after the grace period of 60 days, such applicant will have to pay a fresh induction fee.

         vi. Induction of successful applicants shall hold on Tuesday 7th June, 2022 at the Venue of the 2022 AGM.


i.     Each Applicant shall apply online through the advertised weblink;
ii.    Each Applicant shall be required to attach relevant supporting documents via the registration link;
iii.   Payment of the appropriate fee for Application packs shall be required to allow the applicant access to the online packs. Other payments shall be upon screening and clearance of uploaded application packs which shall be within 48 hours after receipt for payment
iv.   Applicants who do not have NIPR membership numbers shall be required to pay a flat recertification fee of N10,000 at the beginning of the registration process in order to to be assigned membership numbers before proceeding to access the online application packs.
v.    There is a dedicated desk for this exercise at the National Secretariat in Abuja which shall respond to all enquiries 24/7.

NB:    All payment made with respect to these program are non-refundable. Applicants are to read carefully before finalizing any payment(s).


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